Wednesday, October 17, 2012

ZARQUUM / GODA "The Cryptic Aesthetic"

ZARQUUM / GODA "The Cryptic Aesthetic" split CD (Demigod Records)
This split is well thought of and well produced, it certainly is one of the better looking splits I have from the local extreme Metal scene. "Cryptic Aesthetic"? To the point. Both bands deliver death Metal from a slightly differing perspective, they confront and complement each other at the same time. The ZARQUUM's side were even recorded by GODA line-up due to circumstances. It is predominantly technical death Metal from ZARQUUM. Luckily the technicalities doesn't leave the main compositions overshadowed. There're still 'songs' here. ZARQUUM's death Metal felt 'deep', more so with the unusual song titles and of course the tolerable technical juxtapose. A pleasant oddity for the scene. Try decipher them at your own will, I am content enough with the way they structure it. Aggressive and intense, death Metal the way I'm comfortable with. It is to my understanding that ZARQUUM has been disbanded, this is the only way for you to hear the band's mass circulated recordings it seems. GODA (or Genocide.Overkill.Destruction.Annihilation) starts of well to my ears, the opening of "Si Chaling" suggests some pulverising mid-tempo death Metal feast, but as the songs went further, it is revealed that they dwell within death Metal that is melodic-prone, but not in the all mellowing tendency. They are lethal in parts, and then will drift into the abyss of melodics and parts that sounds personalised and devoid of restrictions. Unusual song titles for them too. GODA bows to none but their own way of deciphering their music. Just don't stray to stay appreciative, because the tendency (of straying) is there. Did I mention about the productions? They're on the satisfying level here, good job on that. A split well worth it. Do listen to this.

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