Wednesday, October 10, 2012

DEMISOR "Grind For Life"

DEMISOR "Grind For Life" (Straineyes Productions)
The title says it all. Singapore grindcore legend and monster DEMISOR full length is the ultimate statement of their existence. "Grind For Life" is a monolith of grindcore manifestation attained by years of creation and enslavement in the kind of audial butchery they give their lives for. You will get nothing else here than blistering grindcore explosion bursting right through your bowel before you know it. It is intense, it is bruising. Expect what is to be expected, do not demand for anything else. And with DEMISOR, there's no need to ask. Deadly grindcore from the master. On a more personal preference, I prefer the more death Metal infested DEMISOR of yesteryears. 'Oljud Knulla' is one untouchable song, even until today. But that is the past anyway. The total grindcore scene is where they really belongs nowadays, any self-respected grindcore freaks should worship this album. Grind for life, indeed.

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