Thursday, October 11, 2012

BACTERIA "End Of Hope"

BACTERIA "End Of Hope" MCDr (Trooper Art Regime Distro)
BACTERIA will always be remembered as pre-SILENT DEATH, one of the death Metal legend of Malaysia. I couldn't recall any other of their releases prior to this (at least officially), "End Of Hope" will finally put an end to my curiousity all these while about the 'mysterious' BACTERIA. Released on a printed slim-case CDr format, BACTERIA serves 5 original compositions here (if you don't count the minus one version of 'Unknown World', the 'ballad' track in "End Of Hope") to compensate those 25 years of silence. Symphonic death thrash is what they prefer to label their music as, and to a great point theirs differs from that of SILENT DEATH, a welcoming thought considering the linkages between the bands. While SILENT DEATH is all about unbriddled traditional death Metal aggression and fury, BACTERIA opted for the more personal, deep affection in their Metal. Symphonic is an apt description for their music, as BACTERIA uses the samples and synths elaborately to shape their compositions. They mostly hovers in mid-pace with ups and downs in emotions, punctuated none so visible than the myriads created by the atmospheres conjured. The dreamlike landscapes and moods here is akin to those of the fantasy heavy power Metal norms, in fact I think "End Of Hope" is more of a heavy Metal album with symphonic elements spliced with just a nimble of thrash and death Metal if they are in need. The vocals which utilised something like a half-whispering echoed growl is probably the most death Metal thing in here you will find. Of course you'll find other Metal elements contained as well, these guys probably have been listening to anything Metal before you're even born. Not something typically find in the local scene this "End Of Hope" is. This will definitely emerges freely from the heaps and lumps.

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