Tuesday, October 16, 2012

SILENT DEATH "Silent Kiss Of Death"

SILENT DEATH "Silent Kiss Of Death" (Neomagik)
"Silent Kiss Of Death" is probably one of the most anticipated release from the local scene. Why not, it is only the second album from the legends after their more than 20 years of existence. This should have came out earlier, but due to some circumstances it is delayed for quite some time. I do not wish to instigate more about that, seeing this finally out is more important. It started off with an intro from Joe Slaughter who's also in SIL KHANNAZ, and it sounds like the continuation of his intro in the godly 'Conception Of Madness', no mistake on that. As soon as the title track appears, it became clear that we might see a 'rock n' roll' version of SILENT DEATH post-2000s, but it is to my relief that the intense nature of them is still here, midway through the song. Yes the great SILENT DEATH of old is not entirely forgotten here. They still believe in their more 'extreme' traits, it is here alright amidst the more rocking nature of the 'matured' SILENT DEATH. 'Hell-Popotamus' is definitely prime SILENT DEATH death Metal minus the more adventurous arrangements, and 'Mati Senyap' seems like a reconstructuring of their older, darker song in the "Dark Live" compilation years ago. No questions asked, these are the most precious moments for me in the album. 'Slaughtered Six, Six, Six' shows a more modern side of the band music-wise, not exactly bad but yes, it is different. "Silent Kiss Of Death", as a whole; is the embodiment of SILENT DEATH of the new era, which doesn't afraid to venture into a wider perspective without forgetting the effectiveness of what made SILENT DEATH, err; SILENT DEATH. How it will appeal to you depends on the way you approach it. It is a fitting finale legacy sort of, since that the only sole remaining original line-up Stone had unfortunately passed away not long after this has been released, thus putting the band existence in uncertainty. This is a piece of history in times to come.

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