Wednesday, November 21, 2012

AL-AZAZHIL "Mystical Hymn Through The Darkest Years Ov Azazel"

AL-AZAZHIL "Mystical Hymn Through The Darkest Years Ov Azazel" (Nusantarajim Productions/Empayar Distro Production)
AL-AZAZHIL is a very productive band indeed. No less than 10 releases from them since the inception in 2005. "Mystical Hymn..." is a compilation with songs taken from all the releases until the "Dieyana... Possessed" MCD in 2010. Even if the productions quality might differs between the releases, the essence of AL-AZAZHIL music is still pretty much intact throughout the years. Expect no less than total eastern black Metal worship, that kind of black Metal championed by no other than AS SAHAR. I don't have to tell you how widespread the influence of AS SAHAR in the local scene, call it a phenomenon if you will. And I guess as they continue to explore their own musical adventures, they can assuredly witness themselves that their legacy is well preserved and will continuously ignited by generations of local extreme bands. One such torch bearer is of course AL-AZAZHIL, and while there's a handful of formations playing this kind of Metal interpretation, it is clearly up to them to stand afloat in any way possible considering the already well established characteristics of it. And as far as AL-AZAZHIL is concerned, I could add no more than this is strictly for the diehards of eastern black Metal. And it might work too on those who only settles for locally influenced Metal releases.

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