Tuesday, November 6, 2012

SHAMANIC RITES "Savage Rampage Of Conquest"

SHAMANIC RITES "Savage Rampage Of Conquest" (Eastern Voice Production)
It seems like just yesterday that I've been listening to "Infiltrate Mutilate Carnage Instigate" (IMCI), the last album of SHAMANIC RITES before, but then that one was released in 2009. The gap is just nice between them I think; before the name escapes you, SHAMANIC RITES emerged again with another full length. If you're familiar with them before then you will know what to expect. SHAMANIC RITES propels blistering, manic black death like there's no tomorrow. And don't expect that to change too. That is their characteristics, then so be it. There's not much room for your breathing here, full speed ahead is the only way they know. If these two albums are to be compared head-to-head, there's not much changes in the compositions, both are purely identical in the way that the band does it. But "Savage Rampage Of Conquest", as the title suggests, triumphs above "IMCI" due to the slightly better and graciously improved productions and the enveloping dynamics of the song-structures nowadays. There are plenty more to get from those blitzkrieg compositions these days, they seems to be more developed and possess a more well-rounded feel into it. While "IMCI" tends to get a bit too 'singular' at times, "Savage Rampage Of Conquest" has enough catches and hooks to keep your listening going here. Still the rapid aggression and pummeling directiveness with constant war obsession is SHAMANIC RITES stronghold, those are not to be forgotten. "Savage Rampage Of Conquest" is fierce. And merit enough for me to toss it as probably the best release from the Sarawak Metal scene this 2012, so far, and it's already November . Hail the reigning king of Sarawak extreme Metal front.

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