Monday, November 19, 2012

IMPERIAL "Transcendent Salvation"

IMPERIAL "Transcendent Salvation" (Renascent Axis Production)
So here it is. Roughly 3 years after the comeback release of the single "The Conquering". The promised debut full length. Depending on the way you look at it, those 3 years are worth the wait. As what has been teased from the single, "Transcendent Salvation" is the IMPERIAL of the new millenium. As black Metal continues to be the backbone, IMPERIAL weave and mould their creation into existence, into the final form of their own being. Elements of progressiveness are the main culprit here, with elaborate abuse of samplings and synths that yields possibilities for each craft to evolve and develop the potential tremendously. They are arranged in ways that managed to evoke the atmospheres within to the brim, you will be entranced and suffocated by the way the compositions suck you in. "Transcendent Salvation" will not settle for your mere listening, it demands you to immerse within and grab you by the throat. If you have now getting lost from my futile attempt of deciphering it, let's just understand that above all, the music is still very much guitar-driven, and very much Metal indeed. They are all just being invoked into a higher planes and plateaus aided by the admirable exploitation of other musical elements and tools, and more importantly the way they are being realised into the final form. These one hour plus of musical indulgence are just pure salvation, not to mention the neat packaging of the product itself. Sophisticated and splendid. By loom and large probably one of  the best the local scene has to offer, ever. I succumbed, it's your turn now.

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