Wednesday, November 21, 2012

NOSFERIEL "Infernal Spell"

NOSFERIEL "Infernal Spell" compilation
Exactly something like 10 years of their first release, I finally laid my ears on what NOSFERIEL has to offer. Befitting indeed that "Infernal Spell" contains songs from both of their demos and one unreleased track. It is 10 years of NOSFERIEL in one go then. So it is. The first 2 tracks are taken from their "Berserk Prism Spell" 2002 demo. The suffering productions on this demo took away most of its lustre, but amidst the irrepairable mishap they already show the direction NOSFERIEL is going. Predominantly black Metal with nods toward the Scandinavian strata, and considering the limitations surrounding its release, I'd rather look at it as a promising teaser for the next release, simply for the reason the song-structures are well worth the attention. From 2004 "Infernos", this could be regarded as the definitive NOSFERIEL in terms of the released material. With vastly improved productions this time around, a far more visible NOSFERIEL has been unleashed. Still very much black Metal at heart, you couldn't deny the elements of death Metal really does clinging around in their art. Take 'Merciless Daimon Skullsplitter', for example. If you could just change the vocals with growls, it will become something like a straight KRISIUN spin-off. And add the barbarity of MARDUK "Panzer Division Marduk" era there as well. The following two from "Infernos" nods towards their black Metal predominantly, but still with those twist aforementioned. I should've discovered this back in 2004. The last track on this is totally the odd one. 'Death To Zions' was recorded in 2008 with Shaman of TASYIM on drums. For reasons only known to the band, it is unreleased until now. This culmination, and perhaps a bit surprising act, results in what would be the only NOSFERIEL song in this kind of shape, ever. The myriad of contrasting approach between both bands delivers a subdued version of NOSFERIEL, so to speak. You have to hear it yourself. "Infernal Spell" should be a warming up release for the rejuvenated NOSFERIEL. I'm sure there're plenty more to come. And the quality should be the least of your worries. By the way, my copy here is in black and white, not in full color as the picture shown. Not sure why but it's been advertised with that full color picture though.

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