Friday, November 23, 2012

VIOLATOR "The Aggression"

VIOLATOR "The Aggression" (Night Art Production)
"The Aggression" consists of tracks culled from their all of VIOLATOR releases so far, plus heaps of live tracks and the more than welcomed unreleased song. I did remember their promo rehearsal 2002 'Revolution Of Human Debris' but it doesn't leave much to my memories. It is included here as well, but the 2004 demo 'Flames Of Hate' clearly shows what the band is all about. The rehearsal quality of the promo somewhat hindered my understanding a bit, but with the 2004 demo, where the only original composition of the promo rehearsal had also been re-recorded, VIOLATOR is actually an admirable attempt on old school thrash Metal that is true to the bone and delivered with the purest passion. 'Flames Of Hate', the track in the 'Metal To Metal' compilation ('Satans... Lord Of Hell'), and the unreleased track 'Walking To Hell' are some honest, stark naked thrash Metal devotion that can't be written off easily. VIOLATOR is obviously, tremendously possessed by untainted early thrash Metal that substitutes none. Releasing "The Aggression" is a nice move indeed, more so for having me discovering the said 2004 demo and the rest of the properly recorded materials. New releases by them should be imminent, VIOLATOR deserves it. Forget the fact there's countless of VIOLATOR in the Metal scene nevertheless, Malaysia's very own VIOLATOR stands for unbriddled pure thrash Metal aggression, minus all the gimmicks and unnecessary bits.

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