Friday, November 23, 2012


BAHAJANG / MUNTAHDARAH "Operasi Bangkai" split (Grundar Production)
A less than 15 minutes split with 17 songs in total, so what do you expect? A blitzkrieg ride indeed. BAHAJANG with 11 songs here wasted no time at all, their no-nonsense grindcore ala Czech extremities has all the right ingredients for this kind of musickness. Totally no remorse in all sense. One of the meanest grindcore bands in Malaysia for the moment, and the best of all they avoid the trappings of nonsensical grinding just for the sake of it. A band to watch out for. MUNTAHDARAH does seems to be a little compromising in terms of injecting some death Metal serum into their music, and personally for me this will result in a bit more varied grind concoctions. Needless to say that I approve of this as well. These two apparently newer generation of local grindcore acts shows promises and strutting the right moves, they definitely deserves to be heard. This split might just be the tip of an iceberg. As convincing as it is, I have to mention the obvious degradation of the final product. The productions are most definitely sourced from fukking uber compressed mp3s that's very much to my dismay hurt the songs a lot. I hope the bands and the label will take note of this.

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