Wednesday, November 28, 2012


BERSERKER BARAGE "s/t" (Earblast Records)
Yet another release from Earblast Records, yet another good band from Sabah discovered. This time it's in the brutal death Metal vein. This self-titled 3 tracks CD shows a band which is very much inclined with the music they play, potrayed by what is offered here. Though only 3 songs, BERSERKER BARAGE serves tight brutal death Metal in the guttural US vein that's sure to please listeners of the genre. Nothing much could be added to a very much consolidated sound, the only way to muster it is to play it right. BERSERKER BARAGE knows too well about this, and consciously did their very best impression here. And all is just well it seems, and all has been said, these are not half cooked brutal death by any means. As only 50 copies of this will be released, try getting this while it's still available.

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