Friday, November 23, 2012


RESURRECTION "Dark Maya" (Eastern Voice Production)
Forget that another cliche band name, let's just settle at 'Malaysian RESURRECTION' or something like that. "Dark Maya" is another of Eastern Voice Production line of single releases, it seems that they're really specializing on this. This RESURRECTION, from Sarawak to be precise; is of the power Metal kind. But their own brand of power Metal graciously doesn't fall into the wimpy, faggotry trap of some overtly self-admiring act. RESURRECTION is by no means 'softie' Metal. Of course the obligatory clean singing is here, but the vocalist is more than up to it. He sounds very much heroic than lamenting a kitten's death, for example. RESURRECTION does keep the aggression in "Dark Maya" consistently, emphasizing what 'power' in power Metal is all about. And it's the guitar structures that's driving the single song in this release, guiding through the entire length for that soaring hilt amidst the melodies, and parts are intertwined with each other fittingly well. "Dark Maya" should be positive enough as a teaser. One song is never enough if it's this good.

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