Thursday, November 22, 2012

NATRAH / OBOR SETAN "Eastern 'Live' Ritual"

NATRAH / OBOR SETAN "Eastern 'Live' Ritual" (MTD Production)
As the title says, this is a split of two eastern black Metal bands. In fact their sounds are similarly inclined and very much in the same vein. Each band delivers 4 tracks, 2 consists of previously recorded songs and 2 live tracks respectively. NATRAH from Malaysia dives headfirst, and of course in line with the working title, delivers standard melodic eastern black Metal that is yet again not hard to attain. Everything is totally within the norms of the genre, so to speak. OBOR SETAN from Indonesia follows in very much the same manner, but the edge should be on them due to the better outcome in terms of the songwriting and productions of the properly recorded material. The live tracks are recorded as raw as it could be so let's just leave it at that. Again a release for the fanatics only, and that might be the label's aim when producing this too.

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