Wednesday, November 28, 2012

OBSESSOR / STORMING STEELS "Ultimate Thrashing Demons"

OBSESSOR / STORMING STEELS "Ultimate Thrashing Demons" (Metal Zone Distro)
Two thrash Metal act from Germany and Malaysia shares their spoils on this split. OBSESSOR with their black thrashing Metal is, as the description goes, on the raw, primitive black thrash crusade side. The intention is clear, and the material is pretty obvious. More thrash than black, of course; as is the norm with bands like these. The teutonic blood runs well within them in terms of thrashing it out, and they do not deviate from the strict tradition. No surprises as I have expected this prior to the listen. STORMING STEELS is almost on the same side as well, but with lesser black if anything. More straight thrash oriented, and as crude and primitive as it can get. The expressive vocals style is either a love or hate affair, live with it. At least it adds character to their music. As is the case with OBSESSOR, no straying from the tradition is allowed. And the productions for both is very much on par too. "Ultimate Thrashing Demons" is in and out an underground thrash Metal split of like minded musicians aimed directly at the like minded listeners.  The bands are pretty much on par and at the same level too, would you think of a better pairing than this? Let your ears decide then.

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