Friday, November 2, 2012

LOGAM "The Murder Artist"

LOGAM "The Murder Artist" (Ograsmatron Production)
"Maximum Power Overdrive" must be lurking somewhere in my 'vault', but at the time of deciphering "The Murder Artist" it is nowhere to be found, yet. "Maximum Power Overdrive" is the release prior to this album, of course for some ample comparison is the reason why I am searching for it again. More so due to the fact that I couldn't even remember how does it sounds like. So I will ditch any comparison aside, "The Murder Artist" will get my full attention then. This is a full album, no doubt, and I'm glad to see they still exist. LOGAM is pile-driving some heavy/speed Metal, a fact that could be guessed half-right spontaneously considering the band name itself (purely means 'metal'). If I have to drill it even harder I would say that it is the traditional heavy speed Metal kind with affection towards the Metal that MEGADETH pining for. Yes, MEGADETH. It is remarkably prevalent especially when they goes a tad slower in the compositions, I just couldn't avoid the 'Mustaine-ny' thoughts on those instances. Not exactly a MEGADETH fans myself so no, I wouldn't delve much on that aspect. But I do appreciate it when they turn on those traditional knobs and buttons on the faster parts, it is pleasurable predictable speed heavy Metal that you could find some time listening to. They reminds me very much of RIOT to some extent ('Darah Di Hujung Sabil' is a total homage!). Those are the moments for me in this CD, I leave the other leftovers for all the MEGADETH in you out there. My greedy unsatiable narrow-minded personal musical lust aside, "The Murder Artist" is a good (and safe)album that is polarized by those two elements. More than once I have thought of a more powerful productions should(could?) suit the album better. And more over the top vocals perhaps? heh.  

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