Thursday, November 22, 2012

BALAMBIKA "Bangkit Dari Kematian"

BALAMBIKA "Bangkit Dari Kematian" (MTD Production)
BALAMBIKA from Kalimantan Selatan, Indonesia presents us this 4 tracks rehearsal recording, re-released under the banner of MTD Production in 50 copies. As much as the cover art expects me to believe, it is confirmed once the disc get its playtime. It is predominantly standard eastern black Metal once again, with no surprises as expected. Yet BALAMBIKA infused some of the influences from their land in the melodies which at times sound interesting, things that I did expecting too considering their origins. Shapes and shards of eastern black Metal purists. I won't elaborate on the sound further as I have stated they are from a rehearsal recording sort of, when even a battered, loyal stereo components would be just enough. Primitive and limiting, strictly for those who dwells in the darkest corner of extreme eastern Metal art ONLY.

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