Monday, November 19, 2012

RASPATUL "Devils In Renewed Birth"

RASPATUL "Devils In Renewed Birth" (Obskure Sombre Records)
"Devils In Renewed Birth" has been touted as some kind of Metal records but shying away from categorising it in a more discreet manner. Listening to it I could understand why it is being coagulated as it is, as "Devils In Renewed Birth" is basically a thrash Metal album with elements of other Metal sub-genres thrown into the mix. If you wish for a probing of greater length I could ovulate RASPATUL as playing Thrash Metal in the modern way (no, not any 'nu' bullshit, far from that), with adequate aptness for utilising the instruments and the tendency of spicing things up with various Metal influences. The guitarworks are emphasizing on the melodics and the arrangements are not shying away from some technicalities which is not of the over the top variants. Call them as a version of cleaned up, polished, crystal clear produced modern thrash Metal and I will not accuse you of being wrong. It all feels so secure that I somehow missed those 'adventurous' elements for an underground release, or whatever you might call it. I will try to avoid mixing my own musical preference from the reviews, always, not to the point of overshadowing the purpose of deciphering what the bands try to convey; so I'd rather conclude it as a slickly executed modern thrash Metal rightly justified for those who are inclined to this kind of Metal.

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