Wednesday, November 28, 2012

TUSSOCK "Out Of Rhyme"

TUSSOCK "Out Of Rhyme" (Grundar Production)
I am almost 100% sure that I still have the cassette tape version of this release, back in 2003 when this was released. In fact the first song is so catchy that I could hum its riffs from the back of my head. Grundar Production decided to re-release this in CD version this time, not sure if I have already review it though, but there's nothing wrong for a re-visit isn't it? "Out Of Rhyme" is, simply put a grind release in the old ways, sort of. And by that I don't mean the pioneering "Scum" or "Horrified" albums. They're old in the sense when grindcore is beginning to be infused with death Metal nuances, when it's not about speed all the time, when the word 'variety' emerged to describe a grindcore release. Thus explaining the catchiness that I find in "Out Of Rhyme". And it results in a far more bearable grindcore session for the moderate listeners of extreme music. It's a keeper for me, both the tape and now this CD version. Good for those who missed out on the tape release prior to this CD. It contains the same songs and a similar lay-out, probably to keep with the spirit of the initial release. The band is currently back in action after a long hiatus, not sure how they sound like nowadays.

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  1. thanks for the review bro!...TUSSOCK still running...but it's still undergound mode right now....