Friday, September 28, 2012

ASMODEUS "Blasphemy"

ASMODEUS "Blasphemy" CDr (Derangement Project Production)
I should waste no time to get to the point, just like what ASMODEUS did with "Blasphemy". They leave no room for breath as they lashed out three tracks of uncompromising black Metal here. Hell, there's not even room for any mellowing parts. "Blasphemy" is a rotten relic of Scandinavian influenced raw black Metal with emphasis on being fast and direct. Nevermind the slightly dry production and the well-used Donald Duck goes berzerk vocals, I consider "Blasphemy" as a job well done as far as this kind of black Metal goes. And I guess the band doesn't want it to go anywhere else either. Just stick to the formula, make sure everything vital got their roles, then you'll get a release that you wish it to be. Definitely will struck well with listeners of the given description. Another worthy band from the damned Sabah land.

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