Friday, September 7, 2012

ANGUISH "Hung Rotten"

ANGUISH "Hung Rotten" demo 2012
"Hung Rotten" could as well being summed up as the closing for a chapter of ANGUISH existence. The tape contains 2 unreleased songs from their "Mass Dismemberment"-era plus a cover of HYPOCRISY "Pleasure Of Molestation". Rather than being laid to rest and eat the dust, the sole remaining member from the original line-up vetoed those 2 songs are worthy enough to get it out and after some reworkings on the original recording, here they are. A direct continuation from "Mass Dismemberment", yet these sounds a bit more crude and menacing (different recording sessions maybe). ANGUISH are old school brutal death Metal done with passion and spirit fully intact, facts bare laid and sound with nothing to hide. Like what's being typed in the first sentence, it's a logical ending for a chapter. The new phase of ANGUISH will be revealed soon, according to their backbone, and from what I could gather it's going to be more and more death Metal madness to come. "Hung Rotten" is a fitting edition to their discography, this 3 songs are perfect to fill in the gaps while waiting for their new material. Pro-tape limited and hand-numbered to 200 edition.

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