Wednesday, September 19, 2012

SUCCUBUS "Sadistic Rites Of Evil"

SUCCUBUS "Sadistic Rites Of Evil" demo EP (Metal Porn Production / Morbid Invasion Rex)
As I anticipate the onslaught of slurring good releases from local bands, this cassette tape EP find its way to me. I only heard positive words of them prior, since I, as usual, missed on their limited CD release. This similarly limited (200 copies) tape edition in four(4!) colors cover variations did not escape me though, and upon pre-listening and countless re-listening after, it is all justifiably, brilliant. What SUCCUBUS delivers is nothing new, but they done it the RIGHT way. "Sadistic Rites Of Evil" is a feast of over-the-top raw death Metal rotting away with straight in-your-face ripping underground thrash Metal of the old. POISON goes death Metal? MERCILESS with death-lier dose? Those kind of description might suit perfectly with it. Of the more recent bands I could recall the sorely missed VERMINOUS and substance of KAAMOS in their rabid savagery. Yes, those bands that rekindled pure essence of death Metal in all its filthy glory. Whatever people attributed themselves to 'rotten death Metal' these days, "Sadistic Rites Of Evil" is one such fine specimen. I do pride myself that it's coming from Malaysia, and I am pleasantly surprised too. They capture it with uttermost confidence. I did manage to compare this tape with the CD version, and I have to agree that the CD sounds much more savage. Remastered for the tape version? Whatever, the songs rip. They couldn't go wrong if this is to be judged. And try a little harder to get the tape too, it's gone as fast as the CD I think. Or rather wait for the re-release of the CD, and perhaps a release in wax soon enough. I'm sorry, this kind of death Metal, when it's done just right, I couldn't help but to lavish it with praises. Time for another listen.

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