Wednesday, September 19, 2012

LAVATORY "Transgression"

LAVATORY "Transgression" EP (Morbid Invasion Rex/Vomit Blood/Vigil Studio)
I get enthusiastic whenever any chance of reviewing good, promising releases flourished every once in while, and looking at the current rate of materials received I can only anticipate good things. LAVATORY (the Malaysian ones, that is) is a name unknown to my limited local scene know-how, until they came out bursting with this EP on pro-tape format. "Transgression" is a nasty piece of 5 death Metal tracks in mostly old Swedish death Metal  vein. Name-dropping DISMEMBER as one of the main influence is easy, as one don't have to dig so much to hear that in their music. I find that throughout the entire listening here. LAVATORY is something of a darker, bastard version of the mentioned Swedish gods. It makes sense to visualize that renowned blueprint is being thrown and immersed into the cauldron of burning hell-fire to create what is known as LAVATORY. At least that much is prevalent throughout these five songs here. I have to mention the solos as well, they're excellent and really complement the songs whenever they are needed. The vocals pattern is very much in the Matti Karki way of arranging it too, not that they sound alike, but they are similarly 'placed', sort of. And more vocal parts (longer lyrics?) wouldn't hurt either (matter of preference, ok I admit). "Transgression" does more than enough for a first release, it is being pressed again on CD format by a US based label and took the band places for live shows so far, and they are signed to Pulverized Records more recently. It's a varied and more exciting local scene should more releases like these is on the line. "Transgression" is on a regular rotation here, and even if you put aside my interest in these kind of death Metal, it deserves your listening too.

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