Friday, September 28, 2012

NARRATIK "Sign Of Semelai"

NARRATIK "Sign Of Semelai" single 2011 CDr (Eastern Voice Production)
Eastern Voice Production is actively promoting singles, this is one of them. Apologise for discovering this a bit late, but that is to be expected from a rusted one-man machine like me. "Sign Of Semelai" is an all out eastern black/death Metal song; melodious, simple, catchy. It basically tells the legend of the Melanau empire evil spirit sort of, the lyrics is included in the booklet. The catchiness is almost danceable-like, so you know what to expect. Strictly for the eastern Metal aficionados this "Sign Of Semelai". Wonder if the next release will follow the same lines as this sampler though. Not sure about the price, but it should be reasonable for a single song release I think. My copy is stamped #153, not bad for a 3 minutes++ release.

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