Thursday, September 27, 2012

KAMBING SAKTI "Rotten In Hell"

KAMBING SAKTI "Rotten In Hell" demo CDr 2011 (Evil Institution Records)
What a name for band. Seriously. Loosely translated as "Mystical Goat" or something. Imagine my scepticism upon putting this in the player. Now putting it aside, I push the play button without hesitation. "Rotten In Hell", though with only two songs duration, is probably one of the best black Metal release i have ever heard from the land of Sarawak. I am pleasantly surprised by how convincing these two tracks are (especially the title track, with its adequate length and praiseworthy execution). Again this is not black Metal that you haven't heard of, but as is the trait of any good bands, it's the way they managed to craft whatever that has been heard before into their own. KAMBING SAKTI owns up wholly to their compositions here. They should be held responsibly for creating black Metal that is melodic and infectious with enough aggressive measures held intact. The synths are used sparingly well too, they create the tensions needed just right and doesn't go overbearing. Two songs here is not enough. We need more of KAMBING SAKTI. It better be soon enough. This demo is limited to 100 copies, so you know what to do then. This is so excellent that I wouldn't mind the badly xeroxed cover at all. I thought this is another mockery, but now I see KAMBING SAKTI laughing hard at me.

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