Tuesday, September 11, 2012

THE CASKET "Dead Is Alive"

THE CASKET "Dead Is Alive" MCD (Earblast Records)
Right from the initial guitarworks it is clear to me that THE CASKET heavily leaned towards the US-styled brutal death Metal tendency. But they're not quite that to-the-wall US brutal death Metal all the way. This has much to do with the way they arrange the songs I think. Most prevalent is of course the drum-programming utilised here. I mean, those riffs will perfectly fit any guttural generic brutal death Metal album with ease, but then combined with the programming arrangements, they're not quite that anymore. Perhaps THE CASKET tries to incorporate some other elements of death Metal in them, but that drum-programming, they're not that potent. More than a couple of times I'll get lost in the course of the listening, distraction caused primarily by the way the programming altering the passages in the songs. Those songs will work even better with a real drummer, this I could almost be sure of. And that could elevate THE CASKET as a typically good death Metal band most probably. But for now, those drum-programmings won't do much for me. Leave MORTICIAN alone, they are not from this planet.

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