Tuesday, September 18, 2012


TOOLS OF THE TRADE "Pulse" EP (Stoneville Records)
This short and sharp burst of musical extremity deserves a similarly rapid reviewing apparatus. And while the journey is a bit swift, what a bursting swiftness it is. "Pulse", the cassette tape EP of TOOLS OF THE TRADE cemented their reputation as one of the best straight-out ballsy grind bands ever to emerge from the Malaysian soil. Everything you need from a good grind release is all here, the songs are frighteningly to the point with all the techniques and baggages firmly engaged. Didn't came as a surprise to know that they embarked on a European Tour not so while ago, this short tape presentation is all I ever need for a testimonial that they clearly deserve to do that. An album ("Defy"), has been released soon after this one, which I did not manage to get my hands on just yet, but "Pulse" is a positive indication if anybody wish for one. Like the cliche says, grind on. And it is all for the right reasons.

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