Monday, September 24, 2012

HELLSTORM "Ribut Neraka 666"

HELLSTORM "Ribut Neraka 666" (Derangement Project Production)
HELLSTORM seems like a project of some like-minded individuals joining forces to form a band that might be slightly different from their former ones. The music and vocal parts were recorded in two different, far apart location. I'm almost sure that the line ups also plays in some other band apart from HELLSTORM, but that should be another story. We should concentrate on "Ribut Neraka 666" instead, this space is for them. This is a thrash Metal album with prominent heavy Metal influences and adding up the necro vocals for that blackthrash similarities. The use of drum-programming on "Ribut Neraka 666" recalls materials from the thrash Metal duos of French IMPERIAL and their lesser known countrymate EXKREMENT to mind. It all makes it sounds very rigid and clinical all over, missing that unique human factor should a real drummer is being utilised. Some good riffs and arrangements can be encountered, but the listening feels a bit too sterile and sanitized, if you get it. The impact will increase more than a tenfold if real drums are being used. Good for those who dig IMPERIAL though. And good cover song included as well.

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