Thursday, September 20, 2012

RABIES "Apocalypse Agenda"

RABIES "Apocalypse Agenda" CDr (Metal Porn Production)
It seems that Metal Porn Production has an undying passion for thrash Metal bands. Here it is another thrash Metal assault, this time it is RABIES from the Phillippines with their "Apocalypse Agenda". If I'm not mistaken this has been released before by another label on other format, this CDr version from Metal Porn Production is limited to 60 copies. And it is to my relief that the thrash Metal here is of the high standard variants. As is the norm with thrash Metal, you couldn't add any much more for such an established and firmly characterised genre as it is. That is probably the reason why RABIES consciously decided to fill "Apocalypse Agenda" full with those mid-period Teutonic thrash Metal that we have all very accustomed to. But RABIES know their thrash well, which is why "Apocalypse Agenda" deserves a listen. An inevitable thrash feast is assured with this release. They waste no time to rip through each of the songs from the word go and doing it just precisely. Probably one of the best I've ever encountered from the Phillippines.

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