Thursday, September 27, 2012


NEFTARAKA "Morts" (Eldritch Lunar Miasma Records)
The signs had been revealed in "Eternal Harsh", now "Morts" is the deliverence. NEFTARAKA's second album is the band's most 'personal' offerings so far (it topped the intensity on "Eternal Harsh"), and it's the total thrust right in the heart for the band's characteristics even more. Trademarked NEFTARAKA mould is all here, but "Morts" is the grimmest of the grim, harshest of the harsh when compared with their previous outputs. The vocals took a wider, varied approach this time, while the band tries to accentuate the different moods being set on the compositions. Aggressive and depressive parts are both maximized for the impact intended, I use the word 'personal' due to the fact that you can easily sense the roller-coaster ride of the moods when you finally get immersed in the proceeding. It is not that straight-forward anymore as in the past, but here's some prove that you can always be extreme without being overtly fast and to the point. Yes it is good ol' primitive black Metal with depresssive moments that you might feel familiar with, but NEFTARAKA is doing it their own way that the listening will never feel 'dated' and 'jaded'. Don't worry, you will not find any 'happy' moments even when they are at their most melodic here, NEFTARAKA is careful enough to avoid that trap. Total isolation and bleak experience guaranteed. I have declared it before and I am still standing firm behind it, the fact that NEFTARAKA is currently the reigning bastard of Malaysian black Metal, and "Morts" could do nothing but strengthen the facts. Ignore this and you are missing on something of great importance for the local scene. Excellent cover artwork by Ironworx Gravefix for the completion of one fine release.

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