Thursday, September 6, 2012

HUMILIATION "Brink Of Defeat"

HUMILIATION "Brink Of Defeat" (Gempita Records)
Currently the most productive band from Malaysia (3 full lengths, 2 eps, and counting), HUMILIATION reminds us once more of the words 'less is more'. But you'll get nothing less, and nothing else than the formulaic headbanging-friendly old death Metal approach from them, and proudly to say you'll find that in all their releases. Here is a death Metal bowing to the likes of mighty BOLT THROWER and just a little of that 90's NYDM buoyancy. 3 tracks of all that in a sexy swirl vinyl "Brink Of Defeat" is. These kind of music works well in live shows, that is a fact. And it does well for me with the duration of this release, not so sure on that if they goes longer (a full album, for instance). That can be captured with more variations on the compositions probably. But variations plays second fiddle for Metal like these in most cases. Inking a deal with US based Deepsend Records just recently, and constant live shows throughout the years, the band seems to be doing it just fine admittedly.

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