Monday, September 24, 2012

EMATHOR "Blinding Path"

EMATHOR "Blinding Path" (Derangement Project Prod.)
Thrash Metal again? I thought, at the very least; I might feel a bit nauseous due to the influx of thrash Metal materials making its way to me these days, but this is worse. Those whiny wailing singing really annoys me on this. And that screaming vocals doesn't do much either. Precious moments are hard to come by on this release. They do manage to thrash it just fine on those rare occasion, but that's just about it. In EMATHOR I see a confused band trying to cram various influences and preferences into one, but the result is far from satisfying. I won't bother listening to this again, Those 'weepy-weepy' moments is a major disturbance. I am so narrow-minded, I am sorry. But I won't budge from my opinion that this is below par. Surprised that this is coming from Derangement Project too.

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