Thursday, September 20, 2012


TAMMAT AL-QUBRAA "Promo 2012" (self-release)
I've never met of anybody else uttering the word 'sado' more frequently than TAMMAT AL-QUBRAA's vocalist. That is the basis that I'm preparing myself into while waiting for this promo CD to arrive. And guess what? I'm not even halfly wrong. TAMMAT AL-QUBRAA is all about worshipping that 'sado Metal' made famous by IMPALED NAZARENE in their early (best) years. Only that surprisingly TAMMAT AL -QUBRAA do find some rooms for a bit slower, mid-tempo parts. The 'singing' parts is not what you will find on everyday basis. He sounded like being whipped or tormented while doing the vocal tracks, it's a 'love it or hate it' kind of situation. Adding some characters to the band, nevertheless. Reminds me of listening to NAKHARATUL KHAUM's demo years ago. There's only one original song here, but I wouldn't mind hearing more of them in the future. Add a cover of IMPALED NAZARENE "Chaosgoat-Law" here to make the point even noticeable. Vicious, reckless stuff.
204-A2, Pangsapuri Merak,
Jalan Bukit Idaman 8, Bukit Idaman,
68100 Selayang
h/p: 0123684671

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