Friday, September 28, 2012

NOCTURNIZED "False Paradise..."

NOCTURNIZED "False Paradise..." demo 2012 Cdr (Oldgoatcorpse Productions)
This is some primitive, evil black thrashing Metal from Singapore. Those immediately comes to mind when I finally able to play the disc (rejected by numerous players I've tried on, too evil for the players it seems). There's also a cover of BATHORY "Women Of Dark Desires" just to punctuate the point even more. NOCTURNIZED doesn't care for flair or the slightest penchant for technical wizardry and musicianship skills. They opt for the simple, effective structures laid bare since years ago to create their own homage to the sound of the devil. Glad that those simplicity doesn't lose any knack for catchiness, those are what keeps the listening going until the last song. Prove that if you're really into the music that you play even the simplest of songs will not lose its appeal. For the primitive black thrash in you, honestly executed.

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