Friday, September 28, 2012


After heaps of CDr on rotation, I got this nicely packaged EP from PURGE THE ARBITRATOR. Very professionally done, the booklet is 8 pages too. All this released by the band members themselves. I have to applaud them for that. It shows the commitment they have towards the band. And in a way it also indicates the confidence they have with the material. What we are dealing here is technical-savvy death Metal that fortunately doesn't forget to sound brutal. Seriously this is some heavy shit. The band pummels through the tracks like there's no tomorrow. I did wonder on some parts how the drummer hammering the shit to pieces, but as a listener I'd better leave that to the musicians. Those blasting intense parts with some calmer moments is what PURGE THE ARBITRATOR have to offer. As Metal like these needs prerequisite listening, hearing how they manage to stack up the bits is something to behold. This EP is fine enough for being what it is, PURGE THE ARBITRATOR certainly is on its own class. Here's hoping while they venture more into that technical realm in the future, they won't forget to write good songs as well. Farking new wave emo Metal wanker imbeciles, listen to this and learn what 'heavy' and 'extreme' really means, no matter how 'modern' you want it to be.

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