Thursday, September 27, 2012


GOATLUSTING CHAOS "For I Am The Goatlord" demo CDr 2011
Take total devotion of the goat to the extreme and you might end up with what is being offered here by GOATLUSTING CHAOS. The disc spurts three of their own composition of black Metal with thrashing influences and of course the unsatiable lust for the bestowed animal. At first glance of the cover I'm thinking of somewhere between the lines of bestial black death will conquer it but no, GOATLUSTING CHAOS is the more 'controlled' kind of goat-worship. Even if they do have the tendency of bestiality, the compositions are definitely 'bearable' for its standards. The first song which is quite a short one serves as a prelude to prepare you for the ensuing goat-quest. Then the two hymns follows. What GOATLUSTING CHAOS on this demo is some kind of black Metal with hints of raw thrashing vibes with extra care on wicked, horny mid tempo parts that exudes nothing but copulation readiness. It is similar to the vibe when listening to IMPIETY's "Asateerul Awaleen" album, for example. Add up two covers of VON ("Satanic Blood") and IMPALED NAZARENE (no prize given for guessing it right that the song is "The Horny And The Horned") and you have another promising band from the local scene on the rise. I have nothing but good expectation for GOATLUSTING CHAOS, they are doing it right so far, including the dark sense of humour injected within the band. Please keep on lusting for the goat if you can come up with something as decent as "For I Am The Goatlord", GOATLUSTING CHAOS.

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