Thursday, September 6, 2012


PUTREFIED REMAINS "EERIE - Spread The Hate" CDEP 2012 (Metal Porn Production)
Necroabyssious and his VARATHRON legacy should be proud. This EP is one of the most aptly justified attempt at honouring their creations. Look at the cover art before you start reading. Doesn't it 'eerie-ly' familiar? An unused proposed cover art for a VARATHRON release maybe? Haha. Far-fetched, but the idea is there. So it musn't be all that wrong. Now push the 'play' button. Ok, everything is clear now. Before anyone making an attempt of dissing this as another worthless carbon copy release, please consider these two major factors: A) The band doesn't hide the fact that it is their homage to that distinctive Hellenic sound B) They do it blatantly, considerably SO well. The Greek black Metal characteristics are what most local bands in the 90's tried to emulate back then, but many succumbed to mediocrity, for whatever reason unknown. PUTREFIED REMAINS finally got it done right this time, but with that thoughts of getting anything a bit different here thrown into the bin. None to be found here. Those song structures will reminds you of VARATHRON, the drum kit might be bought from any Greek studios producing Metal in the 90's garage sale, the line-up might be distancing themselves from other releases, Necroabyssious might be using another pseudonym here, etc.; those kind of thoughts. Worshippers of "His Majesty At The Swamp" and "Walpurgisnacht", this EP is a must. I thoroughly am delighted listening to this. They don't surface as much these days, let alone being (faithfully) done this well.

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