Thursday, September 20, 2012

ETERNAL ARMAGEDDON "Her Forlorn Monsoon"

ETERNAL ARMAGEDDON "Her Forlorn Monsoon" (MTD Production)
Melodic black Metal from Bangladesh. Surely exotic enough for me to find out about. Just recently I discovered some really interesting stuff from their neighbouring Sri Lanka, so something good must be dwelling from that part of this stinking world. Released by Malaysian MTD Production in numbered 66 copies, "Her Forlorn Monsoon" contains 3 tracks of black Metal interlaced with melodic passages, aptly fitting the description given in the booklet. It starts off well with this acoustic guitar driven title track, followed by 2 more tracks of black Metal interspersing between the more aggressive and melodic parts. The band is never short of ideas for the compositions as shown here, there seems to be enough parts for everything being thrown in. It is only that these kind of melodic black Metal seems all too familiar that gets me distracted at times. Good release nevertheless, but depending on your personal musical taste, that will determine the longevity of this disc in your player. But Bangladeshi bands? Approved, a scene worth checking out nevertheless.

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